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Once For All is the leading European provider of supply chain management solutions for the construction industry. We help our clients find and track business opportunities and manage risk and compliance. We offer various tools to increase the efficiency of their supply chains.

Once For All offers solutions specifically for the construction industry that simplify compliance and help companies drive their investment in environmental, social and governance (ESG) capabilities, enabling them to increase revenue, reduce costs and manage risk.

Once For All is an all-in-one procurement and risk management platform that brings contractors and suppliers together, creating a dynamic supply chain that can be extended or adapted to execute any contract.

Thanks to a sophisticated matching algorithm, Once For All enables buyers to quickly and easily find relevant and verified suppliers that can be filtered by location, specialisation, compliance requirements and more. Similarly, suppliers are enabled to efficiently search for B2B relationships for which they are qualified.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) technology combines artificial intelligence with public and private data analytics to develop a unique business network.
This enables our customers to make their supply chains more efficient and extend their reach. We serve a range of interconnected industries, such as construction, facility management and energy, and bring virtuous market players together.

Our customer solutions

The Once For All Platform

We provide construction and construction industry players with simple and secure solutions to manage third-party compliance, manage their risks and optimise their costs, while enhancing their ESG (environmental, social and governance) capabilities.

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Simplify the search, validation and decision-making process.
For procurement, compliance and project managers who want to ensure the compliance of their contractors and suppliers.

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Reduce the risk of damages through reliable information.
For finance or legal departments responsible for managing supplier risk and operating in an uncertain economic environment.


Regulatory compliance and pre-qualification for projects
For suppliers and subcontractors who work with large companies and want to justify their legal compliance and compliance.

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To build a strong and sustainable supply chain.
Find and connect with the perfect partners for your next project.


Win more business with Once For All.
For suppliers, subcontractors and smaller companies looking for projects and orders.

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A flexible solution, adapted to your needs

Once For All offers a range of tools and services. By registering your business with one of these services, you can become part of a large network of customers and suppliers that could play an important role in the future of your business.

+ de 175.000

Businesses of different sizes, regions and industries connected within our network.

+ 100 Millions

Data covering various information about suppliers: competencies, compliance and current risk status.

+ 8.000

Active clients, looking for competent suppliers and better compliance management.

6 Locations

Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom and Ireland.


How it works

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Protected compliance and legitimised data

Data collected from multiple public and private sources provides a nearly complete data set not available from other providers.

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Supported by artificial intelligence

Once For All's systems use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide data that supports decision-making not otherwise possible.

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Comprehensive technology platform

The platform offers extensive customer capabilities to provide unique solutions for critical issues.


Cloud-based Software as a Service

Once For All offers a highly available, secure and modern architecture run by specialists to ensure continuous access to business-critical systems.

About us

We believe we can make a difference. Once For All’s mission is to become the leading platform for collaboration in the construction sector, providing clients with better ways to invest in and manage their environmental, social and governance risks and responsibilities.

Our beginnings

Once For All’s beginnings are at the same time in different countries and companies in Europe.
Our founders started companies to help small and large clients simplify their compliance requirements. Our company’s head office is now located in Paris.

The environmental, social and governance demands of customers and society are forcing all companies to better manage these demands and consider them as part of their future sales references. As in consumer markets, business customers will also make social values and ESG a central part of their supplier selection process. Our clients vary in sophistication, with pioneers leading the way in adopting ESG best practices and innovations. Like society at large, our customers are working hard to respond to today’s challenges and look to Once For All to guide and support them on their ESG journey.

Once For All has developed a unique platform that enables companies to search, find and evaluate prospective business relationships based on skills, occupations and ESG recommendations. As a result, Once For All owns and manages one of the largest proprietary ESG datasets in the world. In the coming years, we will be offering a whole range of new ESG services to our clients and creating a frictionless way for this information to be shared across the industry. Over time, we plan to expand this function to a broader industry focus as we invest in more tools.

Our focus

Our employees

In the last four years, Once For All has grown to over 400 employees and we have transformed and upgraded several small operating businesses into one cohesive company. Our team has worked exceptionally hard in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment. We strive hard to be transparent and meaningful, and in return our team has shown exceptional commitment and hard work.

We are passionate about our clients and helping them solve their problems. Currently, we are mainly active in France and the UK and in the process of establishing a presence in Germany, Belgium and Italy. We have a clear plan to spread our services throughout Europe with the support of our clients. We are always looking for partners to work with or join as part of the growing Once For All group.

Our future

Our identity

The Once For All name reflects the complex range of compliance solutions that businesses face.
Once For All was founded to support small, medium and large businesses that are willing to upgrade their compliance and environmental commitment to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to foster collaboration between players in the construction industry, regardless of size, and provide them with new opportunities and projects to work on. With our solution, any company that wishes to do so can manage its compliance documents and its environmental, social and governance (ESG) certifications in a simple and more secure way.

Building relationships in the construction industry

Once For All
Building relationships to create a more sustainable future.
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