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SPIE is listed on the Paris stock exchange. Due to external and internal audits, SPIE is obliged to collect information about the companies we work with. As a sub-contractor working with SPIE, your company is concerned by the questions and documents required on the Once For All platform. 

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This qualification process was developed in collaboration with Once for All to ensure that SPIE Belgium works with partners who support these ambitions of quality, safety and sustainability as well and meet all legal requirements. 

SPIE Belgium has chosen Once for All to monitor the compliance of its subcontractors in Belgium

Once for All is the European network to simplify the compliance and management of the supply chain, Once for All offers digital solutions and services to facilitate and secure relation between energy professionals, construction and real estate.


Documents légaux SPIE

Checking your legal documents

Alertes SPIE

Preventive alert in case of lapse of your documents


Valuing your CSR (corporate social responsibility), health and safety commitments

Documents provided

Once registered on the platform you can send the documents required for SPIE:

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As part of our existing or future business relationship, SPIE covers the cost of the Once For All platform so your company can remain compliant in implementing this new process.

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